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          保税区 bonded area

          不正?#26412;?#20105; illicit competition

          承包责任制 contract responsibility system

          城市旧区改造 makeover for an old downtown area

          出国热 craze of going abroad

          传呼电话 neighbourhood telephone answering services

          打“白条” issue an IOU

          道德法庭 conscience forum

          德智体美全面发展 develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically

          第二职业 second employment; second occupation

          第三产业 tertiary industry

          “第三者” the other person

          第三梯队 third echelon

          对内搞活,对外开放 enliven the domestic economy and open up to the outside world

          多种经营 diversified economy

          港人治港 Hong Kong people govern Hong Kong

          高架道路 viaduct; elevated highways

          搞活经济 invigorate /enliven / liberalize the economy

          感情投资 invest in human relations

          改革开放 reform and open up (to the outside world)

          改善投资环境 improve the investment climate

          公款吃喝 banquet at public expenses

          官倒 official profiteering; official racketeering

          国民生产总值翻两番 quadruple the GNP

          合资企业 joint venture

          和平统一 peaceful reunification

          横向经济联系 lateral economic ties

          户籍制度 household registration system

          婚外恋 affair(e); extramarital affair(e)

          婚外性生活 sex out of wedlock

          婚姻介绍所 amtrimonial agency; matchmaking agency; marriage bureau

          基本国策 basic state policy

          计划生育 family planning

          假冒伪劣商品 fake or inferior quality commodity

          精神文明 intellectual and ideological development

          经济开发区 economic development zone

          经济特区 special economic zone

          九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education

          举报?#34892;?corruption-reporting centre

          “空嫂” married air hostess

          廉政建设 construction of a clean government

          留守男士 grass widower

          留守女士 grass widow

          乱涨价 unauthorized price rise

          民工 out-of-town labourer; rural labourer; migrant labourer

          农转非 agricultural people to be given non-agricultural status

          “扒分” moonlight

          ?#26102;?#39118; craze to vie with each other

          “妻管严” hen-pecked husband

          抢购风 panic buying; buying spree

          拳头产品 hit product

          权利下放 delegate / decentralize power to the lower levels

          人才流失 brain drain

          人才市场 careers fair

          人浮于事 overstaffed

          三角债 debt chains

          扫黄运动 anti-porn drive

          商品房 condo(minimu)

          社会风气 social morality

          社会风尚 social graces; social graciousness

          涉外婚姻 Chinese marriage with foreign nationals

          “跳槽” job-hop

          ?#21496;?#20108;线 leave the leading post; retire from the leading post

          拖欠教师工资 suspend teachers' salaries; holdback teachers' salaries

          晚婚晚育 late marriage and postponement of childbearing

          歪风邪气 evil winds

          外向型经济 export-oriented economy

          五好家庭 five-virtue family

          五讲四美三热爱 five advocations, four points of beauty and three aspects of love

          物质文明 material progress

          下岗人员 redundant; laid-off

          “下海” risk one's fortune in doing business

          小康水平 comfortably-off life; well-to-do level

          小商品市场 smalls fair

          香港特别行政区 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR)

          乡政企业 township enterprise; rural enterprise

          信息高速公路 information (super) highway; info highway

          性骚扰 sexual harrassment; sexual disturbance

          姓社姓资问题 distinction of what is socialism and what is capitalism

          学科带头人 academic pacesetter; academic pacemaker

          一刀切 sweeping approach

          一对夫妇只生一个孩子 one couple, one child

          一国两制 one country, two systems

          一切向钱看 money-mania; money-mad; put money above anything else

          “一条龙”服务 coordinated-process service

          以权谋私 abuse power for personal gains

          ?#21697;?#26131;俗 transform outmoded habit and custom

          优化产业结构 modify the industrial structure

          优化?#25237;?#32452;合 optimize the organization of labour

          优惠政策 preferential policy

          与国?#24335;?#36712; gear… to international conventions

          越江隧道 cross-river tunnel

          择优录取 admit / hire the best examinee / candidate / aplicant

          政企分开 separate government functions from enterprise management

          执法监?#35762;?#38376; law-enforcing departments and supervisory institutions

          植物人 vegetable

          中国国情 China's actual conditions

          重合同守信用 ovserve contracts and keep promises

          住房按揭 housing mortgage

          转亏为盈 turn loss into gain

          自筹资金 self-raised funds

          自费留学生 self-funded / self-financed student studying abroad

          自负盈亏 be responsible for one's own profit and loss

          走共同致富的道路 take the road to common prosperity

          综合国力 the overall national strength

          尊师重教 show respect to teachers and attach great importance to education

          尊重知识、尊重人才 respect knowledge and intellectuals

          遵纪守法 observe discipline and abide by the law


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