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          The Ministry of Forestry 林业部
          the National Forestation Commission 国家绿化委员会
          Beijing Capital Greening Commission ?#26412;?#39318;都绿化委员会
          the Japanese Peace and Friendship Forest 日本和平友好绿化协会
          the Green China Fund 中国绿化基金会
          cover the country with trees 绿化祖国
          turn the country green 绿化祖国
          the national afforest drive 全国绿化运动
          greening campaign 绿化运动
          a major tree planting drive 大规模植树运动
          large scale afforestation drive 大规模造林运动
          intensive afforestation 大规模绿化
          the long green program 长远的绿化计划
          the national tree-planting festival 全国植树节
          tree-planting date 植树日
          the national compulsory tree-planting activities 全国义务植树活动
          organize the planting of trees 组织植树
          the tree-planting drive sponsored by…… 由…发起的植树活动
          plant 5 trees each year 每年植5 棵树
          vitalize forestry with science and technology 科技兴树
          green all available land with trees and grasses 植树?#26893;?#32511;化所有土地
          the achievement in afforestation 绿化成绩
          afforested areas 绿化区域(面积)
          afforested project 造林工程
          form thick forests 形成密林
          collective tree farms 集体林场
          forest farm/lands 林场/地
          forest resources 森林资源
          forest development 林业发展
          develop forestry 发展林业
          ban forest 禁伐林
          lose off the afforested bills and protect the trees 封山育林
          enclose the hills for natural afforestation 封山育林
          be treelined on the both banks 两岸植树
          on either side of the river 两岸植树
          be surrounded by thick trees 被密林环绕
          grow saplings 培育树苗
          large stretches of forests 大片森林
          a stretch of pines 大片柃林
          a sea of forests/forestry 林海
          an afforestation projects in the flat-land areas 平原绿化工程
          newly afforested area 新绿地区
          the green coverage/areas 绿化面积
          clothe bare mountains in verdure ?#33655;?#25259;绿装
          afforest---mu of desert 绿化…亩沙地
          afforest---mu of uncultivated hilly land 绿化未开垦的山坡地
          reach afforestation standards 达到绿化标准
          the forest cover rate/the tree cover 森林覆盖率
          forests will cover 森林覆盖
          the amount of tree and grass coverage increased 植被面积增加了
          the average coverage of forest for each person ?#21496;?#26862;林面积占有量
          advanced unit in afforestation 绿化先进单位
          commend advanced locality in afforestation drive 表扬绿化先进地区
          be honoured as the Best Unit in Afforesting bare/barren Mountain 树为绿化荒山先进单位
          advanced workers in afforestation 绿化先进工作者
          conserve water and soil 保持水土
          provide shelter belts for farmland 保护农田
          curb the sand 防止风沙
          regulate climate 调节气候
          improve weather condition 改善气候条件
          play a vital role 起关键作用
          turn back the advancing of desert 阻止沙丘前进
          halt soil erosion slow down 防止土壤流失
          help the soil hold water 有利于保墒
          halt desertification 防止沙化
          prevent water loss and soil erosion 防?#39038;?#22303;流失
          absorb dioxide and produce oxygen 吸收二氧化碳,放出氧气.
          Provide/supply large quantities of timber 提供大量木材
          cubic metres of timber立方米木材
          be ready to cut for timber 10 years after planting 种植十年即可采伐
          timber resources 木材资源
          the consumption of timber 木?#21335;?#32791;
          provide fodder and fuel 提供饲料与燃料
          due to a deteriorating ecological environment 由于生态环境恶化
          by poor management 由于管理不善
          trees withered or died 树木枯死
          forest fires 森林火灾
          open up 'virgin' soil for agriculture 开垦"处女地"
          fell trees and burn grass 砍树木烧荒
          sod shoveling for fuel 铲草皮烧火
          overuse 过分放牧
          excessive tree felling 树木砍伐过量
          the growing of forest resources reserves if behind consumption 备用林生长低于消耗
          because of constant loss of trees 由于树林不断减少
          suffer damage from rats and other pests 遭受鼠害和其它病虫害
          non-forested area 无林区
          the worsening of environment 环境恶化
          soil erosion 土壤流失
          harsh climate 气候恶劣
          awful weather 气候恶劣
          vile weather 气候恶劣
          dry climate 干旱的气候
          lack of rainfall 缺雨
          rivers die out 河流干涸
          the grassland diminishes 草原变少
          be worn away by wind and sandstorms ?#29615;?#27801;暴吞食
          grass for animal feed deteriorated 牧草减少
          The sand heaped into dunes 沙子堆成山
          the advance of sand 沙丘的?#24179;?br> shifting sand burying crops 移动的沙子埋掉庄稼
          shifting dunes and sand 移动的沙丘与沙子
          clouds of dust 尘土遮天
          deteriorate the environment 环境恶化
          reduce soil moisture 降低土地壤保墒
          strengthen the management of forests 加强森林管理
          plant trees 植树
          prevention or eradication of pests 防止或根除病日虫害
          contract tree planting projects out to individuals 把植树工程承包给个人
          concede the land to forestry 退耕还林
          afforest desert 绿化沙地
          plant trees in all the bald mountains 在?#33655;?#19978;植树
          a high(low)death rate 死亡率高(低)
          tree nursery 苗圃
          seedling nursery 苗圃
          botanical garden 植物园
          select fine seed strains 选良种
          selection of good tree seeds 选良种
          cultivate strong saplings/cultivation of strong saplings 培育强健树苗
          speed the growth of the forests 加速森林成长
          lay out young trees 抚育幼苗
          grow saplings 培育树苗
          breed new varieties of trees 培育树木新品种
          young plantation 人工幼林
          raise seedlings and care of trees 育苗护林
          protect forests 护林
          combat forest fires 防火林
          bare seashore 光秃的海边
          air seeding 空播
          sow tree seeds by plane 空播
          sow tree seeds from aircraft 空播
          by artificial seeding 人工播种
          survival rate 成活率
          China's vast grassland 中国大草原
          Man-made pastrres used for animal husbandry/for grating 用来放?#26519;植?#30340;人工牧场
          hay production 饲料草的生产
          natural grassland 天然草原
          high-yield grass 高产草
          green vast land with grasses ?#26893;?#21407;绿化大片土地
          the forest store 森林储备
          the consumption of timber 木?#21335;?#32791;
          the growing of forest resources reserves exceed consumption 备用林生长超过消耗
          the growth rate of forest reserves keeps pace with consumption rate 备用林增长率等于砍伐率
          Species of Forests And Trees
          wind breaks 防风林
          sand breaks 防沙林
          shelter belts of protect farmland 护田林
          shelter belts to protect the head-waters of rivers 水源防护林
          shelter belts to protect sea coasts 海防林
          natural forests 自然林
          auxiliary forest belt 主林带
          a network of forests 森林网
          trees of economic value 经济林
          forests for timber 木材林
          oil-yielding trees ?#22303;?#26519;
          fast-growing and high-yielding forests 高产速成林
          rubber plantation 橡?#28088;?br> tea plantation 茶园
          tung-tree 桐树
          mulberry 桑
          varnish tree 橄榄树
          bamboo grows 橡胶树
          tea grove 竹林
          tea grove 茶林/山
          walnut 核桃
          wild pepper 花椒
          wild peach 山桃
          wild apricot 山杏


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